Founded in 1982, FMI is one of the oldest independent financial advisory firms in the state of Arkansas.  We believe that our independence, along with our commitment to fiduciary excellence, enable us to serve our clients objectively, keeping their financial goals as our first priority.  Because we do not sell any investment products, every client can be assured that our recommendations are free of any product bias or sales pressure.  FMI provides fee-based investment advisory and fiduciary consulting services to individuals, institutions and investment stewards across the United States.  We strive to provide our clients with the security of trust and freedom of independence.

Our Mission


Our mission is to create timely, efficient and effectively diversified investment portfolios designed to preserve capital, reduce volatility and provide positive returns. Our commitment is to our clients and our priority is helping them achieve their financial goals.

Our Guiding Values

  • Integrity

Placing the interest of our clients above our own.

  • Flexibility & Agility

Being responsive to anticipated and unanticipated changes in the market environment.

  • Customer Service Excellence

Exceeding every client’s expectation with every opportunity.

  • Effective Communication

Listening carefully to understand our client’s goals and concerns, and explaining our recommendations clearly.

Financial Management INC




CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC, a fi360 company, has certified Financial Management, Inc.  (FMI) in Little Rock, AR to the standard described in the handbook, “Prudent Practices® for Investment Advisors”. FMI joins the elite group of Investment Advisors to successfully complete the independent certification process.

CEFEX is an independent, global assessment and certification organization. The assessment process is based on the international standard, ISO 19011: Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. The assessment is evidence-based, and all work is reviewed by the CEFEX Registration Committee to ensure impartiality and consistency. A CEFEX certification provides an independent recognition of a firm’s conformity to a defined Standard of Practice.

Certified firms voluntarily undertake annual audits by independent analysts to continually validate their adherence to the applicable standards. The annual CEFEX audit facilitates a culture of continuous improvement and increases the transparency and accountability of the management team.

In this time of increasing financial industry regulation, trust is paramount to firms that provide fiduciary services. Certified firms place their client’s interests first.  The certification process is intended to provide proof of integrity to investors and the stewards responsible for retirement plans, endowments foundations and other current and prospective clients.